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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Use PhoneGap on Linux Ubuntu for Android Application Development ?

This tutorial will tell the step by step process to Use the PhoneGap in Ubuntu for making native app using web technology like HTML5 ,CSS3 ,JavaScript Etc.
First of all you are needed to set up workspace . The software we will need for this are.
1.eclipse IDE
3.Phone gap
Download Sdk from here http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html . Unzip this file into your working directory. This will download two folder Eclipse and Sdk .And you are done with the eclipse and sdk installation. Next thing you need to download the PhoneGap . Download phone gap and unzip it to anywhere in your hard drive . This will download two folder doc and lib . The lib folder is the folder which will come in use for development . The lib file contains folder Android , ios windows etc. As we are discussing here the android open the android folder . And now our workspace is all set for the android app development .
Now you open your eclipse IDE which you Downloaded earlier in the folder adt-bundle-linux-x86-20130219/Eclipse.
Click on the new menu and select Android Application Project. It will lead you to a new window. Fill the "Application name field " with "javacourseblog" and click next.

 Keep clicking next until find the Activity name field . Insert Javacourseblog there in Activity name and click finish.
Your file system will look like this

Now find the asset folder under the root folder of your project and create folder by name "WWW".
Now open the folder lib/android which we downloaded earlier.
Copy the XML folder and paste it inside the res folder in your eclipse ide .
Now locate the cordova-2.7.0.jar file inside the lib/android folder and copy it from there and paste it to inside libs which is inside the root folder in eclipse IdE.
Now locate cordova-2.7.0.js file in the lib/android folder and rename it to coredova.js . Then copy it to WWW folder which you created earlier inside the asset folder in Eclipse IDE.
If everything is done your work space is set to develop android app using phonegap and web technology .


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