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Chromebooks are the laptop which work on Google's Chrome OS. The main characterstic  of a chromebook is that it is operated mainly on the cloud. That means whenever one bootup his login with his google account and immediately all the applicationss will be  appear including google application like google map and millions of other web applications available in chrome store. You dont ever require a CD/dvd to install the applications. Just search the applications just like you do on NOkia,Samsung,android,blackberry or iphone. Then install the application with easy click.
chromebook launcher

This is not freeware google do charge for it.Google charge ($30/month) for enterprises and $20/month for educational instituitions. You can also be purchase upfront by paying  range from $499 onwards. It is available on other brands such as SONY,DELL,Samsung,Toshiba, Acer and many other

Few feature of the chromebook are here

1. Speed

The bootup is very fast. It takes around 10 seconds for bootingup. It also have prerendering technology which makes applications like search showup results instantly. The OS also have automatic update facility.

2. Security

Security is the main feature of Chromebooks.It have technology like data encryption ,sandboxing  and verified boot which make this very very  secure. It also provide  multiple login for sharing of laptop securely with anyone. It provide the security from virus and malware without any antivirus instalation. In fact you do't need to insatll any other application for security.

3. Connectivity

Chromebook provides Wifi and 3G facility which make it to carry this home,college,office or anywhere outside without really disconnecting it to the internet. However you need a SIM card for  3G facility. The  some processing is performed on the cloud which increase the battery life.
chromebook pc

4. Webapps  chromebook can get million of webapplications from the chromestore. And as i said we dont need any CD to install. Just search the application in appstore and can install them in easy click. 


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