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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

how to write hello world programe in android using phonegap

In The last blogpost we discused how to set the workspace for the android app developement in phonegap aka cordova.
In this post will write the "Hello world" programe for android using cordova .
So here are the steps for creating your first app in phonegap.
Step 1 : Set your work space as i wrote in last blogpost

Step 2 : Create a www & libs folder inside the Asset folder .

Step 3 : Create a js and css folder inside the www folder .

step 4 : create a index.html file inside the www folder .

Step 5 : Copy the cordova-2.7.0.jar file from downloaded phonegap folder to your projects asset/libs folder.

Step 6 : Right click on the cordova-2.7.0.jar file which you copied into asset/libs folder .A select menu will appear choose the "Buid Path" .And then select "Add To Build Path" .

Step 7 : Now copy the cordova-2.7.0.js file from downloaded phonegap folder to your projects asset/www/js folder.

Step 8 : Now open your index.html file from www folder . I assume you are familiar with web developement . make a reference of cordova-2.7.0.js in your index.html page. 

<script src="js/cordova-2.7.0.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

step 9 : Create a main.js file inside js folder . and refrence it in index .html page 

<script src="main.js" type="text/javascript"></script> 

Step 10: Write inside the body tag of index.html 
    <p>Hello World </p>

Step 11: Now Save all www folder files and Open the MainActivity.java file which you will found under the src folder.

Step 12: Keep the first line which start with "package" and  Remove the all other lines of that file .

Step 13: Copy the following lines in in the file .

  import android.os.Bundle;
import org.apache.cordova.*;
public class MainActivity extends DroidGap {
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Step 14:Now save the file . Clean the project . Build the project. Run the application . And you application is done .

Feel free to ask your doubts through comments  


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