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Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Use JavaScript With HTML 5

HTML 5 is definitely the future of the web. So one must learn how to work on the JavaScript with Html 5.This article gives you the just introduction how to use JavaScript in html 5.
JavaScript moved a lot since Netscape livescript  . So the Html . As you all now traditional JavaScript have the DOM selector getElementById , getElementsByTagname,getElementsByClassname. The HTML 5 provide  javascript a new function called queryselector .So what does this query Selector does ? Before going into this lets see the syntax  of this function.
Let’s see how its work?
If we have a HTML file like this.
<p id=’Australia’>Melbourne</p>
<p id=’US’>New York</p>
<p id=’Australia’>Sydney</p>
And now if you use function like document.querySelector(‘australia’).style.color =’red’; in your JavaScript file it will change the color of only first element with the id Australia to red. It means the Melbourne will turn into red and Sydney will not any effect on it.
There  is one more function  called document.querySelectorAll . If you will use this function like document.querySelectorAll(‘Australia’).style.color =’red’; it will turn all the elements associated with the Australia. It means it will turn Melbourne as we Sydney into red.


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